• Clinic of otorhinolaryngology

    An expert clinic with full-range equipment for examining and treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions and small-scale surgical otorhinolaryngological operations


Office hours

Monday7:30 – 12:3013:15 – 17:00Dr. Žallmann jr.
Tuesday7:30 – 12:3013:15 – 15:00Dr. Žallmann sr.
Wednesday7:30 – 12:3013:15 – 15:00Dr. Žallmann sr.
Thursday* *7:30 – 12:3013:15 – 15:00Dr. Žallmann sr.
Friday*7:30 – 12:30Dr. Žallmann jr.

* surgical operations    * appointments only

During surgical appointments, the other physician is present at the outpatient. The office hours begin 30 minutes before the start of the working hours and end 30 minutes later. During this time we can examine or treat you only in emergency cases after determining the urgency of your condition.